Raggout Street Style took place on December 1, 2023 to mark a new dimension to style and glamour in our fashion industry and was one that everyone who attended had a lot to speak about.

Raggout Aparrel produced by Raggout owned by its CEO Anthony Coffie known in the creative industry as Kwame Apex has been a brand that has mastered in the production of clothing that satisfy casual demands with a high touch of style and glamour. Raggout costumes are often patronized by people with taste for class who cut across career persons in music, arts, modeling and students.

The Clothing exhibition took place at Osu in the Greater Accra region, targeting sales of apparels designed by Raggout. There were display of some awesome and beautiful clothing which formed part of the collections designed by the creative brand.

In a conversation with the CEO, he stated how excited he was to come up with such an idea, that could bring people from all walks of life to be present in honor of his dreams and ideas. He also showed his appreciation to the invited guests and people present for coming all the way to the event to show their support for his works.

“I’m very much pleased to see everyone present. It started as a dream but I’m very honoured seeing it come to fruition and want to thank everyone for making it here and for all the support Raggout have had over the years. There are more creative ideas we are working on and I’m very optimistic the years ahead will bring forth amazing results “, he said.

In an astonishing fashion, the costumes appeared in different designs. The availability of clothes includes the following; summer jackets, hot club tops, T-Shirts and caps for different occasions.

The event which commenced around 4 O’clock was hosted by MIXTIC also known as ROMANTIC RASTA. Some special guest artistes were FINA, SAINT DANIELS and TUNTUM, who are known artistes with various releases doing well in the industry.

The event audience were thrilled by FINA, who performed some of her songs, including 2 SHOTS, which she had featured popular songstress ENO BARONY and also intrigued the audience with her most current single titled ‘SLOW DOWN’.

After that juicy performance by Fina, SAINT DANIELS also took the stage where he performed some live freestyles that saw the crowd cheering on with a hot round of applause.

The Mixtic took the initiative to market the apparels and urged on the crowd to patronize the collections, the exhibition witnessed people purchasing the costumes and also saw the artistes brought together for a round table discussion with the host, which brought forth many revelations about themselves and some of their ordeals in the industry. It was amazing how they complimented each other and encouraged more collaborations.

The Event is expected to be an annual event and as successful as the 2023 edition was, the organizers look forward to a bigger event in future.


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