“Do not let betrayals keep you down” – Kaa Andam shares inspirational message ahead of 2024


In Hebrews 12, the Bible tells us that the enemy is busy, constantly seeking to distract and discourage us, but we are called to be resilient in the face of challenges. Kaa Andam shares an inspiring message, reminding us that we have the strength and endurance to overcome any obstacle that comes our way, a message she shared via her Facebook wall.

Life is filled with trials, but it is our resilience that carries us through. We are encouraged to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, who endured the ultimate challenge on the cross. He faced betrayal, rejection, and immense pain, yet he remained resilient, never wavering in his faith and purpose.

We are reminded to take strength from Jesus and to persevere through our own trials. Kaa Andam’s message urges us to stand firm in our faith, knowing that we are not alone in our struggles. With God on our side, we can overcome any challenge that comes our way.

So when the enemy is busy and life feels overwhelming, let us remember to be resilient. Let us lean on the strength of our faith and trust that we are capable of conquering obstacles and thriving in the face of adversity. With God’s help, we can emerge victorious, no matter what challenges we may face.

Enjoy the message below


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