Ebo Taylor Urges Home Support as Top 5 Spotify Plays Come from UK, US, France, Germany, and Netherlands despite Ghanaian roots


Ghanaian highlife musician Ebo Taylor has called for support from his home country, Ghana, after discovering that his top 5 streaming countries were the UK, US, France, Germany, and the Netherlands on Spotify. The renowned artist expressed his desire for more support from his home country, where his music originates from.

He accumulated 774.4k new listeners, 10.3 million streams, 2 million listeners, 910.8k hours in 183 countries

Taylor, who has been instrumental in popularizing highlife music on the international stage, hopes to see more recognition and appreciation for his music in Ghana. Despite achieving success and acclaim in other countries, Taylor is keen to connect with his roots and gain support from the Ghanaian audience.

With his music gaining popularity and recognition globally, Taylor believes that it is essential for him to receive support from his homeland. He emphasizes the importance of local support in furthering his career and promoting Ghanaian music on a global scale.

As he continues to make strides in the music industry, Ebo Taylor remains hopeful that his music will resonate with the people of Ghana and receive the recognition it deserves in his home country. He encourages fans to embrace and support his music, fostering a sense of pride in Ghanaian music and culture.


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