Gospel Music should be spiritually inspired, not just language-based – KobbySalm


Ghanaian Urban gospel musician KobbySalm has shared his opinion on Nathaniel Bassey’s prophecy concerning Ghanaian artistes.

Nathaniel Bassey voiced his worry that their likeness in singing in Twi is limiting their global visibility during his speech at his event.

“In the next 4 to 5 years, Psalmists from Ghana will come to Nigeria and host their own concert, and your songs will rise from Ghana to the nations of the earth, As a way of instruction, can I plead with Ghanaian music ministers to write songs in English? Yes, I know you love your local dialect, Twi, etc but there is an anointing on you and the world needs to hear your songs.” he said.

Language plays a crucial role in the success of a song, as it helps to reach a wider audience and convey emotions and messages effectively. However, Ghanaian musician KobbySalm believes that music is a spiritual experience that transcends language barriers.

In a recent interview on “The Big Show” on Class 91.3 fm, KobbySalm shared his thoughts on the use of English language in songs and how it impacts the success of a song. He acknowledged that English is a widely spoken language and including it in songs can help reach a global audience. However, he also emphasized that the essence of music goes beyond language, as it has the power to evoke emotions and connect people on a spiritual level thus, should be Holy Spirit inspired.

“Music is a spiritual language that speaks to the soul. It doesn’t matter what language it is sung in, as long as the melody and rhythm resonate with the listener,” KobbySalm stated. He believes that the universal language of music can bridge cultural and linguistic gaps, allowing people from different backgrounds to connect and relate to the emotions expressed in a song and the need to let the Holy Spirit take control other than focusing on the Language.

KobbySalm (Ghanaian Urban Gospel Musician)

KobbySalm’s perspective raises an important point about the power of music to transcend language barriers and unite people from diverse backgrounds. While language can certainly enhance the accessibility of a song, it is the music itself that has the ability to touch people’s hearts and souls.

KobbySalm emphasized the importance of staying true to one’s cultural and linguistic roots in music. He expressed his desire to incorporate his native Ghanaian language into his music, as a way to celebrate his heritage and connect with his local audience. By doing so, he believes that he can authentically represent his identity and reach a broader audience that appreciates music from different cultural backgrounds.

His perspective on the role of language in music highlights the spiritual and universal nature of music. While language can certainly contribute to the success of a song, it is the music itself that has the power to transcend linguistic barriers and unite people on a deeper, spiritual level. As musicians continue to create and share their music with the world, it is important to remember the profound impact that music can have, regardless of the language in which it is sung.

Enjoy “Run To You” by KobbySalm below.


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