South African music group “HKS” wins Best Kwaito with latest hit single “Zibonakalise”


The South African Upcoming Musicians Awards recently celebrated the best of the country’s up-and-coming talent, and one group stood out above the rest. HKS, a dynamic music group, took home the award for Best Kwaito with their latest hit, “Zibonakalise” featuring Mawhoo.

The group, which consists of three talented musicians, has been making waves in the South African music scene with their unique blend of Kwaito and contemporary sounds. Kwaito, a genre of music that originated in South Africa in the 1990s, is known for its infectious beats and energetic dance moves. HKS has managed to capture the essence of Kwaito while infusing it with their own fresh and modern twist.

“Zibonakalise,” the group’s award-winning track, is a high-energy anthem that has been getting people on their feet and dancing since its release. The song’s catchy chorus and infectious rhythm have made it a favorite on dance floors across South Africa, and its success has not gone unnoticed thanks to Mawhoo, who played an instrumental role in the success of the new single.

The South African Upcoming Musicians Awards is a platform for recognizing and celebrating the talent of emerging artists in the country. Winning the award for Best Kwaito is a significant achievement for HKS, as it acknowledges their contribution to the evolution of the genre and their impact on the music industry.

In their acceptance speech, the members of HKS expressed their gratitude for the award and their commitment to continuing to push the boundaries of Kwaito music. They thanked their fans for their unwavering support and promised to keep creating music that resonates with audiences across South Africa and beyond.

HKS group with their plaque and citation won at the South African Upcoming Musicians Awards

The success of “Zibonakalise” and HKS’s win at the South African Upcoming Musicians Awards is a testament to the group’s talent and creativity. With their unique sound and undeniable stage presence, HKS is poised to become a powerhouse in the South African music industry, and “Zibonakalise” is just the beginning of what promises to be a bright future for the group.

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