“I believe in quality so all things made for God (Music) should be of quality” – Prophet Joseph Atarah explains luxurious brand projections in his music


As a religious leader and musician, Prophet Joseph Atarah believes in quality when it comes to creating music for God. He strongly believes that all things made for God, especially music, should be of the highest quality.

Prophet Atarah’s belief is rooted in his deep spiritual connection and his understanding of the importance of music in worship and prayer. He sees music as a powerful tool for expressing devotion and connecting with the divine, and he believes that the music created for God should reflect the reverence and awe that is inherent in the act of worship.

In an exclusive interview with Nana Kwesi on “The Big Show” (Class 91.3 Fm) Prophet Atarah disclosed that, creating music of quality for God is a form of offering and dedicating the best of one’s abilities and talents to the divine. He emphasizes that the music created for God should be uplifting, inspiring, and thoughtfully crafted to convey a sense of beauty and sacredness.

In his own musical works, Prophet Atarah strives for excellence and precision, aiming to create compositions that are not only technically proficient but also spiritually enriching. He believes that by producing music of the highest quality, he can honor and glorify God in a genuine and meaningful way.

Prophet Atarah’s passion for quality in music extends to his teachings and mentorship of aspiring musicians and worship leaders. He encourages them to approach their craft with a spirit of dedication and to continually strive for excellence in their musical offerings to God.

Prophet Joseph Atarah has a new single dubbed “Meye Obi” produced by Kaywa.

‘Meye Obi’ is available on all music streaming platforms.

Stream below


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