“I write and sing in a language my fans can understand” – Ras Kuuku explains why he doesn’t sing in Patois


Reggae dancehall artiste Ras Kuuku has opened up about why he chooses not to sing in Patois, despite being a part of the reggae dancehall genre.

In an interview on Tv3, Ras Kuuku explained that he prefers to write and sing in a language that his fans can understand. He believes that using local languages and dialects helps him connect with his audience on a deeper level and allows them to fully grasp the message and emotions behind his music.

Ras Kuuku also emphasized the significance of preserving and promoting his Ghanaian culture through his music, stating that using local languages helps to showcase the rich diversity and traditions of his homeland.

While Patois is commonly used in reggae and dancehall music, Ras Kuuku’s decision to stick to his native language reflects his commitment to staying true to his roots and connecting with his fans in a meaningful way. By doing so, he continues to carve out his own unique path in the reggae dancehall scene.


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