I’m back in action alongside Derek Ting and Marc Singer in ‘Agent Recon’, coming out next year – Chuck Norris


Chuck Norris fans rejoice, because the action legend himself is returning to the big screen alongside Derek Ting and Marc Singer in the upcoming film, ‘Agent Recon’. The announcement of his involvement in the film comes as exciting news for fans, who have been eagerly awaiting his return to action-packed movies.

‘Agent Recon’ is set to be released next year, and with the addition of Chuck Norris to the cast, the anticipation for the film has only grown. The collaboration between Norris, Ting, and Singer is sure to bring a high level of intensity and edge-of-your-seat action to the big screen.

Norris has established himself as a powerhouse in the action genre, and his return to the screen alongside Ting and Singer is creating a buzz among fans and industry insiders alike. The trio’s combined star power and expertise in the action genre are sure to make ‘Agent Recon’ a must-see film for action movie enthusiasts.

With production underway and the cast locked in, ‘Agent Recon’ is shaping up to be a thrilling and adrenaline-fueled movie experience. Chuck Norris is back in action, and fans can’t wait to see him in ‘Agent Recon’ next year. Get ready for explosive action and high-octane thrills, because Chuck Norris is back and ready to take on the bad guys once again.


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