Leo Messi’s six game-worn 2022 World Cup shirts sold for a cool $πŸ•.πŸ–πŒ at an auction in NYC


Leo Messi’s six game-worn 2022 World Cup shirts have fetched a staggering $7.8 million at an auction in New York City. The auction, which attracted high-profile bidders from around the world, saw fierce competition for the iconic jerseys worn by the footballing legend during the tournament.

The shirts, each representing a different match in which Messi played, hold significant historical and sentimental value for fans of the sport. The Argentinian maestro’s performances in these games were a testament to his enduring brilliance and impact on the global stage.

The record-breaking sale reflects Messi’s status as one of the most revered and celebrated athletes in the world, with fans eager to own a piece of his illustrious legacy. The auction’s success also underscores the enduring power of sports memorabilia in the collector’s market.

For fans and collectors alike, owning one of Messi’s game-worn World Cup shirts is a rare opportunity to own a piece of football history and to commemorate the achievements of one of the sport’s greatest ever players.


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