Let believe what Ghanaians (Musician) brings to the table and collectively sell to the world – Samini on Ghana vs the world comparison


Ghanaian musician Samini has had enough of people comparing Ghanaian creatives to others. On Showbiz 360 on Tv3, he expressed his frustration with the constant comparison and urged people to appreciate the unique talents and creativity of Ghanaian artistes without constantly putting them against others.

Samini’s frustration is understandable, as the creative industry in Ghana has been thriving and producing some incredible talent. The constant comparison to artists from other countries undermines the hard work and originality of Ghanaian creatives.

Instead of constantly looking to others for validation, Samini urged Ghanaians to support and celebrate their own artistes. He emphasized the need for Ghanaian creatives to be recognized for their unique contributions and not just as a reflection of other artists from around the world.

It’s time to stop comparing Ghanaian creatives to others and start appreciating them for the incredible talent and creativity they bring to the table. Samini’s words serve as a reminder to value and celebrate the unique voices and talents within the Ghanaian creative community.


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