M.anifest’s Manifestivities 23: A Triumphant Celebration of Music, Art and Culture


M.anifest, the Ghanaian rap icon, recently held his annual musical festival, Manifestivities 23, which turned out to be an epic event that captivated the city of Accra. With a star-studded lineup featuring both Ghanaian & Nigerian artists, the festival drew a massive crowd of music enthusiasts eager to witness the extraordinary performances.

The electrifying atmosphere at the Untamed Empire set the stage for an unforgettable evening as M.anifest, the festival’s headliner, took to the stage. With his signature blend of rap, poetry, and storytelling, he captivated the audience with his energetic performance, delivering conscious lyrics and engaging the crowd throughout his set.

M.anifest wasn’t alone in showcasing exceptional talent that night. The festival featured an impressive array of Ghanaian and Nigerian artists, including the soulful songstress Cina Soul, the dynamic rapper Ko-Jo Cue, the revered Hiplife legend Reggie Rockstone, La Meme Gang, Ladipoe, Worlasi, Ria Boss, and Bisa Kdei who each brought their unique styles to the stage.

The crowd’s energy reached fever pitch when King Promise graced the stage to perform. With his electrifying performance, he had the audience singing along to his hit songs and dancing to the infectious rhythms and also gave a teaser a new song with M.anifest that will be released next year “Hang My Boot”.

With its exceptional lineup of artists, Manifestivities 23 served as a testament to the vibrant music scene of West Africa. The festival not only celebrated the diversity and talent of the region’s musicians but also fostered a spirit of unity and collaboration among them.

As the night drew to a close, the crowd left the Black Star Square with hearts filled with joy and memories of an extraordinary musical experience. Manifestivities 23 proved to be a resounding success, solidifying its position as one of the most anticipated events on Ghana’s entertainment calendar.

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