Make music that will can automatically cross boundaries, you won’t have to beg Djs to play 80% Gh songs – Nektunez


Nektunez, a prominent music producer, is urging artists to create music that transcends genres and geographical boundaries. He believes that making music with a universal appeal will eliminate the need to rely on DJs to play specific songs.

Nektunez has seen the power of music that effortlessly crosses cultural and musical boundaries. He is advocating for artists to focus on creating music that resonates with a wide audience, rather than trying to fit into a particular niche or genre.

“Make music that can automatically cross boundaries. You won’t have to beg Djs, media and consumers to play your songs. We are no longer in that era where people control the media. Now people choose what they want to hear once it sounds good”, he wrote.

Background Story

Over the years foreign music has dominated the Ghanaian airwaves and to fix this, a call to play 80% Ghanaian music has been initiated.

This conversation sparked as Hiplife Originator and Rap legend Reggie Rockstone, Reggae/Dancehall superstar Samini, the celebrated DJ Mensah, and Ghana’s sensational Black Sherif, among others, added their voices to make a case for the Play Ghana Initiative.

Their call is to project Ghanaian sound especially this December to get the diaspora use to the Ghanaian sound and appreciate our music and rhythm. This call has sparked conversations and a need for a deliberate approach to make Ghanaian music a priority especially in Ghana.


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