Mr.Talisman drops Amapiano version of his hit single “Bad Friends”


Ghanaian musician Mr. Talisman has just released an Amapiano version of his hit single “Bad Friends.” The Amapiano genre is known for its infectious beats and danceable rhythms, and Talisman’s decision to rework his song in this style is sure to delight fans of both Amapiano and his original track.

“Bad Friends” was originally released to critical acclaim, and its catchy lyrics and memorable melody have made it a favorite among fans of Talisman’s music. Now, with the Amapiano version, the song has been given a fresh new sound that is sure to get people dancing.

Mr. Talisman has always been known for his ability to blend different musical influences, and this Amapiano version of “Bad Friends” is a perfect example of his versatility as an artist. With its pulsating basslines and infectious groove, the Amapiano version of “Bad Friends” is sure to become a favorite on dancefloors and radio stations across South Africa and beyond.

Fans of Mr. Talisman and Amapiano music will definitely want to check out this exciting new release. With its irresistible energy and irresistible melody, “Bad Friends” in Amapiano is sure to be a hit.

Enjoy song here


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