Ofori Amponsah Was Not Called By God, I Advised Him Against Becoming A Pastor – Ayisha Modi


In a recent interview with Ayisha Modi, ex wife of musician Ofori Amponsah, revealed that she advised him against becoming a pastor as she believed he was not called by God.

According to Ayisha Modi, Ofori Amponsah’s decision to become a pastor was not genuine and he was only doing it for personal gain. She claimed that he was planning to start his own church and use it as a means to make money.

Ayisha Modi also stated that she had a conversation with Ofori Amponsah where she told him that not everyone is called by God to be a pastor. She believed that he was being influenced by others in the industry who had become pastors and wanted to follow in their footsteps.

Ayisha Modi revealed that Ofori Amponsah’s decision to become a pastor was causing strife within his family. She claimed that his mother and other family members were not supportive of his decision and it was causing tension.

Ayisha Modi’s comments come after Ofori Amponsah recently announced his return to secular music, stating that he was never truly called by God to be a pastor. This revelation has sparked a lot of discussion and controversy within the Ghanaian music industry.


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