Stonebwoy is my overall 2023 artiste of the year – Ras kuuku


Ras Kuuku, a leading Ghanaian reggae and dancehall artist, has expressed his belief that Stonebwoy will be the artist of the year in 2023. Ras Kuuku’s declaration indicates his admiration and support for Stonebwoy’s talent and potential.

Stonebwoy, whose real name is Livingstone Etse Satekla, has consistently proven himself in the music industry. He has gained recognition both in Ghana and internationally for his unique style and creative approach to reggae and dancehall music.

As an established artist himself, Ras Kuuku’s endorsement holds weight within the industry. His declaration reflects the mutual respect and camaraderie between the two artists.

Throughout their careers, both Ras Kuuku and Stonebwoy have stayed true to their genre and have contributed significantly to the growth of reggae and dancehall music in Ghana. Their dedication and passion for their craft have earned them a loyal fanbase and numerous accolades.

Ras kuuku with his VGMA plaque

Ras Kuuku’s prediction for Stonebwoy as the artist of the year in 2023 showcases his belief in the continuous growth and success of his colleague. It also signifies the unity and support among Ghanaian artists who recognize and celebrate each other’s achievements.


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