The Gods are not to be blamed re-enacted, thousands praises actors


On a cool, crisp evening at the National Theater, a re-enactment of The Gods Are Not To Be Blamed took place to the rapt attention of a captivated audience. The play, originally written by Ola Rotimi, is a classic Nigerian drama that explores themes of fate, destiny, and the role of the gods in human affairs. The re-enactment, which was a collaboration between the National Theater and image Bureau, received high praise from both critics and audience members alike.

The cast of the re-enactment delivered stellar performances, bringing the characters to life with passion and conviction. The lead roles were played by seasoned actors like Andrew Tandoh-Adote, as the lead character (Odewale) with support from veteran performers including, Mr David Dontoh, Fred Amugi, Naa Ashorkor, Mawuli Semevor, and other viable cast who effortlessly embodied the complexities of their characters.

From the tormented Oghene to the defiant Ogungun, each actor commanded the stage with a commanding presence and flawless delivery of their lines. The chemistry between the actors was palpable, and their performances drew the audience into the emotional turmoil of the story.

The production also showcased impressive technical elements, including striking set design and costumes that transported the audience to the ancient Nigerian setting of the play. The lighting and sound design added to the atmosphere, creating a sense of tension and drama that heightened the emotional impact of the story.

The re-enactment of The Gods Are Not To Be Blamed also received high praise from critics, who lauded the production for its powerful performances and thought-provoking themes. Many noted that the play’s themes remain relevant in today’s world, and the re-enactment provided a timely opportunity to reflect on the role of fate and destiny in contemporary society.

The play’s enduring relevance and the skillful execution of the production ensured that it will be remembered as a highlight of the Nigerian theater scene for years to come. The re-enactment served as a poignant reminder of the power of storytelling and live performance to engage, inspire, and provoke audiences.

Second day of the re-enactment comes off at 4pm and 8pm respectively at the national theater with tickets going for a cool 150 cedis.

Visit or dial 71111*25# for tickets purchases


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