There should be deliberate efforts between artistes and Djs – DJ Kobo on play Ghana Campaign


In a recent interview with DJ Kobo on “The Big Show” with Nana Kwesi on Class 91.3fm, a renowned Ghanaian disc jockey and producer, he emphasized the importance of collaboration between artistes and DJs in promoting the play Ghana campaign, an initiative geared towards amplifying Ghanaian music on the global stage. DJ Kobo shared his insights on the symbiotic relationship between these two key players in the music industry and highlighted the potential impact of their united efforts in driving the campaign’s success.

According to DJ Kobo, artistes and DJs share a common goal of showcasing Ghanaian music to the world and connecting with audiences beyond borders. He believes that by fostering a spirit of partnership, they can collectively elevate the campaign’s reach and impact. He further stressed the need for artistes to create music that resonates with global audiences while maintaining their authenticity and unique Ghanaian identity.

On the other hand, DJ Kobo emphasized the role of DJs as gatekeepers of music discovery and tastemakers who can influence the popularity and trajectory of songs. He encouraged DJs to actively seek out and support emerging Ghanaian artistes, providing them with platforms to share their music with a wider audience. By incorporating Ghanaian music into their sets, both locally and internationally, DJs can contribute significantly to increasing the visibility and appreciation of Ghanaian talents.

The DJ also highlighted the importance of music collaborations between Ghanaian artistes and international acts. He believes that such collaborations can introduce Ghanaian music to new audiences and create a buzz around the campaign. He encouraged artistes to embrace opportunities for cross-cultural partnerships, which can lead to innovative and exciting musical fusions.

DJ Kobo further emphasized the need for industry stakeholders, including record labels, promoters, and streaming platforms, to align their efforts with the play Ghana campaign. He believes that a cohesive approach, involving all aspects of the music ecosystem, is essential for amplifying the impact of the campaign and ensuring its long-term success.


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