Trotro Diaries to celebrate 12th Anniversary in a grand style


Trotro Diaries, a Facebook group dedicated to sharing and celebrating the unique experiences and stories of commuters on Ghana’s trotros, is set to mark its 12th anniversary on November 25 2023, at Sizzle Gardens, Osu. Since its inception in 2011, the group has grown into a vibrant community of over 450,000 members who come together to laugh, commiserate, and connect over their shared experiences on the bustling and often chaotic trotros that crisscross the bustling streets of Ghana’s cities.

Trotro Diaries featured in a newspaper

What started as a small initiative to create a space for commuters to share their daily encounters and observations has blossomed into a movement that has brought people together from all walks of life. The group’s founder, Yaw Odoom, envisioned Trotro Diaries as a platform for Ghanaians to connect through their shared experiences and to find joy and humor in the often challenging and unpredictable nature of trotro travel.

Over the past 12 years, Trotro Diaries has become a place where members share everything from funny anecdotes and heartwarming acts of kindness to thoughtful reflections and important discussions about social issues. The group has also served as a platform for commuters to raise awareness about the daily struggles and challenges they face while navigating the city’s often unreliable public transportation system.

The group have also embarked on major projects on road safety and sanitation, encouraging members to adhere to these measures in order to have a safe and green Ghana.

Trotro Diaries members engaging in a pep talk at a Trotro Station

Trotro Diaries members on a sanitation project

To celebrate this milestone anniversary, the administrators of Trotro Diaries have planned a series of events and activities to honor the group’s vibrant and diverse community. From virtual storytelling sessions and live Q&A sessions with longtime members to a special photo exhibition showcasing the unique moments captured during trotro travels, the anniversary celebration promises to be a fitting tribute to the lasting impact of the group.


  1. Am proud to be part of this big platform
    From the admins to the members are one in a million
    And trotro diaries has given me a lot of friends and a good one as such


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