Video: Jeffrey Nortey and Sirbalo clash over “Nyash” in a new viral Skit


In a hilarious new skit, popular comedy duo Jeffrey Nortey and Sirbalo have clashed over the enticing allure of a woman’s curvaceous backside, commonly referred to as “Nyash” in Nigerian slang.

The skit begins with Jeffrey Nortey, known for his witty and humorous persona, strolling down the street when he suddenly spots a woman walking ahead with an impressive display of Nyash. Intrigued, he starts to follow her, completely captivated by her curvaceous figure.

Unbeknownst to Jeffrey, his comedic partner, Sirbalo, is lurking nearby and notices his obsession with the woman’s Nyash. Sirbalo, notorious for his mischievous antics, sees an opportunity for comedy gold and decides to intervene.

As Jeffrey continues his pursuit, Sirbalo sneaks up behind him and starts mimicking his exaggerated movements and expressions. He exaggerates his admiration for the Nyash, mimicking Jeffrey’s obsession in a hilariously exaggerated manner.

Noticing Sirbalo’s mockery, Jeffrey turns around, angry and confused. The comedic duo begin to engage in a playful argument, each sarcastically defending their position on the appealing nature of the woman’s Nyash.

The argument escalates as they start mimicking exaggerated dance moves to express their differing opinions. Jeffrey hilariously demonstrates how the Nyash has the power to hypnotize him, while Sirbalo comically acts as if he is immune to its allure.

Their playful banter and physical comedy leave viewers in stitches as they continue their clash. Eventually, the skit concludes with the woman realizing she has unintentionally become the center of attention. She confronts the duo, scolding them for objectifying her and reminding them of the importance of respecting women.

The skit’s light-hearted and amusing take on a common theme strikes a chord with viewers, reminding them to appreciate the beauty of the human body while also highlighting the importance of treating women with respect.

Jeffrey Nortey and Sirbalo’s comedic chemistry and ability to entertain audiences through relatable scenarios like this skit have won them a dedicated following. Their ability to make people laugh while delivering important messages is a testament to their talent as comedians.

Enjoy skit below


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