“Anger Management“ made me stop guessing what Ghanaians want to listen – Ayisi


In an exclusive interview on Class Xtra with Zeal Nana-Kwaku Bliss on Class 91.3fm, Ayisi expressed his satisfaction with the reception of “Anger Management” and highlighted the importance of doing clean and genuine projects instead of trying to cater to what Ghanaians want to hear. He emphasized that artistes should focus on creating good music that resonates with them and not obsess over trying to guess what will be popular.

“Anger Management, I must say, has been a turning point in my musical journey. It made me realize the importance of focusing on my own authenticity rather than trying to guess what Ghanaians or any audience wants to listen to especially in an Azonto era. It taught me the value of doing clean projects, one that truly represents who I am as an artiste, regardless of whether people will listen or not”, he retorted.

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Ayisi’s approach to making music is refreshing and inspiring. Rather than conforming to trends or following the formulas of others, he aims to stay true to himself and his creative vision. This commitment to authenticity shines through his music and sets him apart from many of his peers.

The success of “Anger Management” also reflects the changing landscape of Ghanaian music. In recent years, artists like Ayisi, Pure Akan, Worlasi have emerged, who are pushing boundaries and experimenting with different sounds and genres, rather than sticking to what is traditionally considered “popular.” This shift has allowed artistes to showcase their individuality and has created a more diverse and exciting music scene in Ghana.

Ayisi’s determination to create unique and meaningful music is an inspiration to other artistes. It serves as a reminder that success doesn’t always come from trying to fit into a particular mold but rather from staying true to oneself and creating work that is honest and heartfelt.

His new project “Evergreen” is a testament to his journey, struggles and experiences as an artistes who seeks to make a difference.

Enjoy Evergreen Below



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