Before you propose to her in public, these are the 5 things to do to avoid embarrassment

  1. Make sure she wants a public proposal: Before planning a public proposal, ensure that your partner would appreciate the gesture. Some people prefer more private and intimate moments, so it’s essential to understand their preferences.
  2. Discuss marriage beforehand: Have an open conversation with your partner about your future together, including the topic of marriage. This will help minimize any surprises or awkwardness during the proposal.
  3. Choose the appropriate location: Select a location that is meaningful to both of you and aligns with your partner’s interests. This will make the experience more personal and special. Avoid crowded or overly busy places that might make your partner uncomfortable.
  4. Gauge their comfort level: Pay attention to your partner’s comfort level in public settings. If they typically feel uneasy or self-conscious in front of a crowd, it may be best to consider a more private proposal to avoid potential embarrassment.
  5. Be aware of their expectations: Consider what your partner might envision for their ideal proposal. Take their preferences, such as simplicity or grand gestures, into account when planning your public proposal. Knowing what they expect will help you avoid any surprises or discomfort.


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