Comedian Tutu Marven to host “Jesus Laughs Too” – A night of comedy, music, and art on December 17


Ghanaian comedian Tutu Marven is set to host a night of laughter, music, and art at the upcoming “Jesus too laughs” event on December 17, 2023 at Triumphant Outreach Ministry International (Teshie Tebibiano – Point 6).

The Free event which starts at 4:18pm promises to be an entertaining and uplifting evening for all attendees.

Tutu Marven, who is known for his unique style of comedy that often incorporates social commentary and satire, has gained a strong following in Ghana and beyond. His ability to tackle serious issues with humor has made him a favorite among many fans, and he is sure to bring his signature brand of comedy to the “Jesus too laughs” event.

The event is set to feature a lineup of talented comedians, musicians, and visual artists like Kumi Ice, Comedian Teekay, Sam Qweeku, Mjthecomedian, Baby Poet, Comedian Alowess, Miller, Kwame Obed, Bizzy, Putogo and many more will showcase their skills and entertain the audience throughout the night. With a mix of comedy, music, and art, attendees can expect a diverse and engaging program that will cater to a wide range of tastes.

“Jesus too laughs” event also aims to spread a message of positivity and hope. Through the power of laughter and entertainment, Tutu Marven hopes to create an uplifting and inspiring atmosphere for all those in attendance.

The event is also a chance for attendees to come together and celebrate the holiday season in a fun and memorable way. With the promise of laughter, music, and art, the “Jesus too laughs” event is sure to be a highlight on the social calendar for many in Ghana.


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