Ebenezer Dwomoh calls on government to reduce tax on comedy events


Ghanaian comedian, Ebenezer Dwomoh, commonly known as “The Dwoker,” is urging the government to lower taxes on comedy events after experiencing a loss of 18,000 cedis from his last show.

The comedian believes that the high taxes imposed on such events are hindering the growth of the comedy industry in Ghana, He made this revelation on #Thezone, Starr 103.5fm with Natalia.

Many comedians and event organizers have been struggling to recover from the financial losses incurred during the past year.

The comedian argues that reducing taxes on comedy events would not only provide relief for struggling performers but also benefit the economy as a whole. He believes that a more favorable tax environment would encourage more individuals to invest in the comedy industry, leading to increased job opportunities and economic growth.

About his new show

Renowned architect-turned-comedian will be hosting a special comedy event titled Funnitecture (Architect Without a Plan Extended) at the prestigious MJ Grand Hotel on February 10. This highly anticipated evening promises to be a unique blend of architectural humor and hilarious storytelling.

Ebenezer Dwomoh, known for his distinctive wit and comedic timing, has taken the comedy scene by storm since transitioning from his successful career in architecture. Drawing inspiration from his experiences in the field, Dwomoh seamlessly integrates jokes about blueprints, construction mishaps, and the intricacies of architectural design into his stand-up routines.

Funnitecture is a direct continuation of Dwomoh’s previous sold-out show, Architect Without a Plan. Due to overwhelming demand and an exceptional reception from audiences, he decided to extend the program and treat fans to more of his uproarious observations. The performance promises to bring an updated repertoire of jokes and anecdotes that will leave attendees in stitches.

The MJ Grand Hotel, one of the city’s premier entertainment venues, will provide the perfect backdrop for this evening of laughter and entertainment. Known for its opulent d├ęcor and state-of-the-art facilities, the hotel ensures an unforgettable experience for guests attending Funnitecture.

Tickets for Funnitecture are already selling fast, with the event expected to sell out soon. Those interested in attending this comedy extravaganza are encouraged to book their tickets early to avoid disappointment. The show promises to be a memorable night filled with laughter and an appreciation for the art of architecture.

Dial 928529# to purchase a ticket for 150 cedis or call 0243447024 for more enquirers.

Ebenezer Dwomoh’s Funnitecture is undoubtedly a must-see event for anyone with an appreciation for comedy and architectural humor. With his quick wit and infectious energy, Dwomoh is set to deliver an evening of laughter, leaving the audience wanting more.


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