Freaky Wan confesses how fans are asking him for momo after appearing on TV


Ghanaian musician Freaky Wan opened up about the pressure he faces from fans asking for mobile money after appearing on television. The musician, who has gained popularity for his unique sound and energetic performances, revealed that fans often reach out to him after seeing him on TV and has become a burden for his outfit.

Freaky Wan admitted that while he appreciates the support from his fans, the constant requests for mobile money have become overwhelming. He explained that he often receives messages from fans asking for money to be sent to their mobile wallets, citing his television appearances as a reason for the request.

The musician expressed his frustration with the situation, stating that he works hard to create music and entertain his fans, and he expect them to appreciate his craft and give him the needed support. He urged his fans to support him in more meaningful ways, such as attending his live performances and purchasing his music.

Despite the challenges he faces with fans asking for mobile money, Freaky Wan remains focused on his music career and is determined to continue creating music that inspires and entertains his audience. He hopes that fans will understand the value of his work and show their support in ways that are more meaningful and sustainable in the long run.

Enjoy Eii Odo, Freaky Wan’s latest single ft Gachios below


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