Hilda Baci’s world record for longest cooking marathon has been broken by Alan Fisher from Ireland


Hilda Baci, a renowned chef and holder of the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon, has been dethroned by Alan Fisher from Ireland. Hilda had set the record with an impressive 93hour 11 minutes cooking marathon, where she tirelessly cooked without a break. However, Alan Fisher has now surpassed her feat, cooking for an astonishing 119hours 57 minutes straight to secure his place in the history books.

Alan’s determination and endurance in the kitchen have earned him the title of the new record holder, showcasing his passion for cooking and his ability to push past physical and mental limits. His achievement highlights the incredible dedication and skill required to break such a remarkable record.

Hilda Baci graciously passed on her title to Alan Fisher, acknowledging his incredible accomplishment. She expressed her admiration for his feat and congratulated him on his monumental achievement. The culinary world looks forward to witnessing what both Hilda and Alan will accomplish in the future as they continue to push boundaries and inspire others with their cooking talents.


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