“I dislike the idea that people claim I relish beef, I only engage when there’s a legitimate reason to do so” – Lyrical Joe


Ghanaian rapper, Lyrical Joe, in an exclusive interview on Class 91.3fm with zeal Nana Kweku Bliss on Class Xtra, expressed his frustration with the notion that he constantly engages in beef or conflicts with other artistes. The talented lyricist clarified that he only participates in such situations when there is a valid reason to do so.

In the world of hip-hop, beefs are no stranger. Artistes often engage in public disagreements, fueled by a desire to prove their dominance or settle personal differences. However, Lyrical Joe wants his fans and the public to know that he is not one to initiate unnecessary conflicts.

Lyrical Joe is known for his exceptional rapping skills and thought-provoking lyrics. He believes that his craft should be the main focus, rather than engaging in petty rivalries. The rapper wants to maintain a positive image and promote a healthy industry where talent and creativity are the driving forces.

It is not uncommon for artistes to be involved in beefs purely for the sake of gaining attention or boosting their popularity. However, Lyrical Joe refuses to succumb to such tactics. He values his artistry and prefers to direct his energy towards creating meaningful music rather than indulging in unnecessary conflicts.

In an era where social media has amplified the culture of feuds and drama, Lyrical Joe aims to be a beacon of integrity and professionalism. He understands that his actions as an artiste have an impact on his fans and the industry as a whole. By choosing to engage in beefs only when warranted, he maintains a sense of authenticity and credibility.

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