“I’m not loyal one Sef” – Pappy Kojo discloses to Cookie Tee


“I’m not loyal to anyone,” rapper Pappy Kojo recently admitted in an interview with Cookie Tee on Tv3’s New Day.

This statement may come as a surprise to some, especially considering the emphasis on loyalty in many aspects of life. However, Pappy Kojo’s perspective on loyalty reflects a certain level of personal integrity and honesty.

In a world where loyalty is often equated with blind allegiance, Pappy Kojo’s stance is refreshing. He acknowledges that he is not blindly loyal to anyone, and he values his personal integrity above all else. This is a sentiment that many can relate to, as blind loyalty can often lead to compromising one’s own values and beliefs.

Pappy Kojo has a new Ep “Ka Na Wu” which is doing well on the charts and receiving positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

The Ep, which features collaborations with several Ghanaian artists, showcases Pappy Kojo’s unique style and versatile musical abilities. With its catchy hooks and infectious beats, “Ka Na Wu” has been praised for its fresh and innovative sound.

He’s a mad man, Tell ‘Em to shut up, Mbasiafo, Wetin you do me, Samba, 1 Sima pt 2 are track list of the “Ka Ne Wu” Ep featuring the likes of Reggie, Skyface SDW, Stonebwoy among others.

Enjoy the Ep below


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