iOna Reine and Bishop-Elect Nana Kwame Owusu Okrah, have tied the knot.


Mercy Onuawonto Sam, a celebrated Ghanaian singer who goes by the stage name iOna Reine, and her beloved, Bishop-Elect Nana Kwame Owusu Okrah, embarked on a sacred journey of matrimony, joining their lives together in a joyous union. The special occasion was graced with the presence of loved ones, family members, and well-wishers who gathered to witness and celebrate their love.

The picturesque ceremony took place in a serene and elegant setting, where the atmosphere was filled with love, laughter, and blessings. Bishop-Elect Nana Kwame Owusu Okrah, handsome and poised, stood with a beaming smile, eagerly anticipating the arrival of his bride.

As the vows were exchanged, the couple’s heartfelt words resonated through the venue, echoing their unwavering commitment to each other. They pledged to love, cherish, and support each other through all the seasons of life, promising to embark on this new chapter hand in hand. The vows were sealed with a tender kiss, symbolizing the unity and love that bound them together.

The reception that followed was a vibrant affair, filled with music, dancing, and heartfelt speeches. Family and friends took turns expressing their joy and well wishes for the newlyweds, recounting cherished memories and offering words of encouragement as they embarked on this new journey together.

The atmosphere was electric as guests danced the night away, celebrating the love and happiness that surrounded the couple. iOna Reine and Bishop-Elect Nana Kwame Owusu Okrah moved gracefully through the crowd, beaming with joy as they shared this special moment with those who held a special place in their hearts.


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