Movie Review: Like Stars on Earth


“Like Stars on Earth” is a heartwarming and thought-provoking film that holds great importance to every human. Directed by Aamir Khan, the film sheds light on the struggles faced by children with learning disabilities and emphasizes the significance of compassion, understanding, and inclusivity in society.

The film revolves around Ishaan, a young boy with dyslexia who struggles academically and emotionally. He is often misunderstood, labeled as lazy or stupid, and faces constant disappointment and criticism from his family and teachers. However, everything changes when a new art teacher, Nikumbh Sir, enters his life.

One of the most important aspects of the film is its portrayal of the impact of educators on their students’ lives. Nikumbh Sir, played brilliantly by Aamir Khan, goes above and beyond traditional teaching methods to uncover Ishaan’s hidden talent and help him triumph over his learning difficulties. The film serves as a reminder that educators have the power to shape a child’s future by nurturing their strengths and providing them with the support they need.

Furthermore, “Like Stars on Earth” tackles the issue of labeling and the harmful effects of societal expectations. It highlights the importance of recognizing that every child is unique, with their own abilities and talents. The film encourages us to shift our perspective, look beyond grades, and embrace diversity in education.

The emotional journey Ishaan goes through resonates with audiences of all ages. It explores the complexities of a child’s mind, their frustrations, and their desperate need for acceptance and understanding. The film’s message of empathy and the value of emotional well-being serves as a reminder that every individual, regardless of their abilities, deserves love, support, and the chance to shine.

“Like Stars on Earth” not only promotes awareness about learning disabilities but also emphasizes the need for inclusive education and a change in our education system. It inspires educators, parents, and society as a whole to acknowledge and appreciate the strengths of every child, making it an important film for everyone to watch and reflect upon.

Overall, “Like Stars on Earth” is a powerful and relevant film that highlights the significance of empathy, understanding, and the transformative power of education. It serves as a reminder that every individual, regardless of their challenges, has the potential to shine bright like stars on earth.

Score: 10/10


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