Nana Kwesi Asare and Nathaniel Quaye unleashed a new sensational podcast dubbed “Time with Ananse”


Nana Kwesi Asare and Nathaniel Quaye have joined forces to create an exciting new podcast called “Time with Ananse.” Drawing inspiration from the famous Ghanaian folk character, Ananse, the podcast aims to provide a platform for listeners to learn, unlearn, and relearn various topics.

Ananse, known for his cunningness and wisdom, will serve as a metaphorical guide throughout the podcast, leading listeners on a journey of exploration and discovery. Nana Kwesi Asare and Nathaniel Quaye, both seasoned professionals in their respective fields, will bring their expertise and unique perspectives to provide valuable insights and perspectives.

“Time with Ananse” will cover a wide range of subjects, including personal development, entrepreneurship, relationships, mental health, and societal issues. The podcast will take on a conversational format, allowing the hosts to engage in open and thought-provoking discussions with special guests.

Listeners can expect to be challenged, inspired, and entertained as Nana Kwesi Asare and Nathaniel Quaye tackle important and relevant topics. The podcast aims to create a space where listeners can not only gather knowledge but also challenge their existing beliefs and explore new ideas.

With their combined experience and passion for continuous growth and development, Nana Kwesi Asare and Nathaniel Quaye are determined to make “Time with Ananse” a must-listen podcast for anyone seeking personal and intellectual growth. Stay tuned for the launch of this sensational podcast and get ready to embark on a journey of learning, unlearning, and relearning.

Enjoy the first episode below


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