Ghana, a peaceful country located in the sub-Saharan region of Africa is the home to nature. The country can boost of numerous tourist sites given by nature and others carefully crafted by the gifted hand of mankind. Taking a stroll through any cities, towns and village of Ghana makes one see the blessings the Almighty has bestowed on the country.
Ghana is the best place to be recommended as a tourist country due our stable democratic dispensation, peace and the envying harmony and co-existence enjoyed by the different religious and ethnic groups. Ghana also stands at the center of the earth with the Greenwich meridian passing through at Tema. Thus, making it a beacon of tourism within sub-Saharan. Ghana can boast of mind-blowing waterfalls, serene national parks, breath taking mountain peaks, harmless monkey sanctuaries, captivating canopy walkways and caves.
In 2015 the number of arrivals was reported at 897000 according to the world bank collection of development indicators. The world economic forum statistics in 2010 showed that Ghana was ranked 108th out of 139 countries as the world’s favorite tourism destination. The country moved two places up from 2009 rankings. In 2011, Forbes magazine published that Ghana was the 11th most friendly country in the world.
In 2011 Ghana made $1.9 billion from 1.1 billion international visits. In 2012 Ghana made $1.7 billion from 993600 international visit. Creating employment for 359000people. Ghana will make $ 8.3 billion from the tourism sector per year by the year 2027 on the back of estimated 4.3 million international tourist arrivals.
Its an undeniable fact that tourism is playing an integral role in the socio-economic development of Ghana. Ghana is making all things possible to make tourism attractive as the days, months and years go by and by. This has resulted in the creation of the ministry of tourism arts and culture with the slogan Ghana’s culture; warmth and rhythm. The ministry engages in policy formulation, monitoring and evaluation of its agencies. The work of the ministry the and its eleven agencies is to see to it that the tourist sites and attractions, cuisine, warmth and rhythm in Ghana is so unique.
One notal tourist attraction that can’t be ignored by any international tourist in Ghana is Waterfalls. The country can boast of numerous waterfalls that completes the beauty of the country. Notable among them are Kintampo waterfall and the Boti waterfall. Take a seat Lemme be your tourist guide as I talk you through these two waterfalls.

Kintampo Falls

The Kintampo falls is a beautiful cascading waterfall located in Kintampo the regional capital of the bono east region. The falls is 4.5 km north of the Kintampo municipality on the Kumasi Tamale Road. The waterfall is hidden in the forest and. Kintampo falls is not only the largest in Ghana but also the entire west Africa. During the colonial days the falls was called sanders falls. It was discovered in the 18th century but designated as a tourist site in 1992. The falls provides a panoramic scene and superbly display the beauty of nature. The falls flows from the Pumpum river a tributary of the black volta taking it source from Pumpuatifi which is a village of about 10 kilometers from Kintampo. The fall has three stages. The first two stages can be reached easily because the way is levelled. The third stage has about 173 stairs down and about 151 stairs up. The waterfall flows from a distance of 25 meters. It is been believed that the water volume of the water increases with the presence of more visitors.

The fall has seen some major facelift. A canopy walkway has been provided, spacious car park, construction of stairs and receptive center. There are also well-trained guides to assist tourists. But one must take caution has the there are slippery rock surface at the falls. The fee charged at the entrance of the falls is very moderate. As it stands now children are charged ¢3.00, students ¢5.00, adults ¢10.00 and foreigners ¢20.00. mind you these fares are subjected to review. In case of enquires kindly contact the following numbers +233- 249612507 or +233- 244910560. Don’t forget that you can go for hiking, take a bath or play football or volleyball at the falls.


The Boti falls is one of the gifts of nature and out of the way gems in the lush eastern region. It is located at Boti in the Yilo Krobo district in the Eastern region of Ghana, north east of Koforidua the regional capital. Taking it source from the Pawnpawn river, the 30 meters high seasonal falls is found in the Huhunya forest. The falls is quiet mystical cause it’s a twin fall. The twin fall comes from two rivers mythically referred to as male and female. The bigger one is male and the smaller one the female. A rainbow is formed when they merge and its being believed that when people who want twins manifest at that moment their wish comes to pass. History has it that it was hidden until a white catholic priest discovered it. The falls are reached via a scenic descent down 250 concrete steps.

The falls is a seasonal fall and during full fall you are surrounded by the canyon of falling water. The majestic rocks and serene settings are beautiful any season of the year, most impressive during the rainy season from June to August. A visit to the falls will not only expose one to only water but also a beautiful umbrella shaped rock that can carry 12 to 15 people at once. As at 2021 till now the entrance fee to the site are as follows.

  • Ghanaian Adult = ¢30.00
  • Ghanaian Child =¢20.00
  • Non-Ghanaian adult = ¢40
  • Non-Ghanaian child = ¢25
  • Tour guide fee (1 – 50 people max) = ¢30
    The following are numbers that can be contacted for more enquires before embarking on a journey to Boti 055303051/0506429292. Hiking can be done at the falls. The sandy coast is also perfect for picnics during the dry season.



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