Obroni Wawu festival: Kantamanto’s second-hand clothes and designers take center stage at the event


The Obroni Wawu festival, held in Kantamanto, one of the busiest second-hand clothing markets in Accra, Ghana, showcased a unique blend of second-hand clothes and local designers. The festival aims to celebrate and promote the vibrant fashion culture that exists in Ghana.

Kantamanto has long been known as a hub for second-hand clothes, with numerous stalls and shops offering a wide range of garments. However, the festival sought to challenge the perception that second-hand clothes are of lower quality and not as fashionable as new clothing.

The event featured a fashion show that brought together local designers and second-hand clothes vendors. Models strutted down the runway, showcasing outfits created using both new and second-hand garments, showcasing the creativity and versatility of second-hand clothing.

Designers were given the opportunity to embrace the unique characteristics of second-hand garments and create new and innovative designs. They were able to upcycle and repurpose old clothing, transforming them into modern and trendy pieces.

The festival also aimed to highlight the sustainability and economic benefits of the second-hand clothing industry. Second-hand clothes provide affordable and accessible fashion options for many Ghanaians who cannot afford new clothing. Additionally, the industry contributes to the local economy by creating jobs and supporting small businesses.

Obroni Wawu attracted a diverse range of attendees, including fashion enthusiasts, locals, tourists, and fashion industry professionals. The festival served as a platform for promoting Ghanaian fashion and showcasing the talent and creativity of local designers.

The Obroni Wawu festival successfully brought together the worlds of second-hand clothes and high fashion, proving that style and quality can be found in both. It celebrated the unique fashion culture of Kantamanto and sought to challenge preconceived notions about second-hand clothing.


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