Pastor Nii Amart ministries recruits DJ Alma as his new manager and prepares for a live recording album dubbed “Unusual Sounds” in March 2024


Ghanaian gospel musician and pastor, Nii Amart, has recently made headlines by recruiting DJ Alma as his new manager. With this exciting new addition to his team, Pastor Nii Amart is gearing up for a live recording album “Unusual Sounds” set to take place in March 2024.

Known for his soul-stirring music and powerful worship experiences, Pastor Nii Amart has been making waves in the gospel music scene for several years. His unique blend of traditional Ghanaian rhythms and contemporary gospel sounds has endeared him to audiences both locally and internationally.

With the aim of expanding his reach and taking his music to greater heights, Pastor Nii Amart has decided to bring DJ Alma, a highly respected figure in the music industry on board as his manager. DJ Alma, known for his exceptional managerial skills and keen eye for talent, has successfully guided several musicians to achieve great success in their careers.

Together, Pastor Nii Amart and DJ Alma are set to embark on a new journey. The duo has already begun working on plans for a live recording album, slated to be released in March 2024. This project aims to capture the essence and power of Pastor Nii Amart’s live performances, allowing fans to experience the energy and passion of his music firsthand.

The live recording album is expected to feature a dynamic selection of songs that showcase his vocal prowess and heartfelt lyrics. The project will also include collaborations with some of the industry’s top gospel musicians, adding an extra layer of depth and variety to the album.

In preparation for this highly anticipated album, Pastor Nii Amart and DJ Alma have been working tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the production is executed to perfection. From selecting the right location for the live recording to assembling a team of talented musicians and technical experts, no detail is being overlooked.

Fans of Pastor Nii Amart can look forward to an album that surpasses all expectations, filled with uplifting songs that inspire and encourage. Known for his ability to connect with his audience on a spiritual level, Pastor Nii Amart’s live recording album promises to create an atmosphere of praise and worship that will resonate long after the music fades.


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