Poet Timmy to host “Confessions”at the National Theater (Folksplace) on 17th February,2024


Renowned poet Timmy is set to host an enchanting and thought-provoking event titled “Confessions: A Tale of Love and Poems” at the prestigious National Theater. This extraordinary evening of art, storytelling, and self-expression will take place on 17th February, 2024 and promises to captivate audiences with its stirring narratives and poetic experiences.

Confessions: A Tale of Love and Poems” seeks to delve deep into the profound intertwining of love and poetry, exploring the myriad emotions, experiences, and connections that emerge from the intricate tapestry of human relationships. Timmy, a poet celebrated for his evocative verses and unique perspective on love, is set to be the perfect guide for this journey into the realms of the heart and the written word.

Aiming to create an intimate and immersive ambiance, the National Theater (Folksplace) will be transformed into a haven for lovers of poetry and seekers of truth.

Attendees will witness a diverse range of performances, including recitations of timeless classics and original works, all crafted to reflect the essence of love in its various forms. Through the power of language and artistic expression, Timmy intends to weave together an unforgettable experience that resonates with the audience long after the final verse is spoken.

Poet Timmy firmly believes in the communal aspect of art, fostering an environment where participants can connect, empathize, and find solace in each other’s stories.

This event promises to be a celebration of the beauty and complexity of love, highlighting its profound influence on the human experience. Through Timmy’s eloquence and insight, “Confessions” aims to inspire individuals to reflect upon their own journey of love, creating a space for introspection and profound self-discovery.

Tickets for “Confessions: A Tale of Love and Poems” will be available for purchase at the event and online via *844*158#. With limited seating available, early booking is highly recommended for this highly anticipated event.

For enquiries call 0548311260


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