The eye is a door, a channel through which things we see enters the soul. What you look at constantly becomes part of your soul. What you feed your eyes becomes your desire. You can not fill that channel with both dirt and clean things at the same time. The dirt will contaminate the clean content. You cannot read the Bible with your eyes and still watch pornography with those same eyes.

There are things God tells us to stand and fight..but for lust and sexual immorality, God tells us to run..flee completely from it. There is a reason God says RUN as if you are a coward. No mortal man has ever mastered fighting or taming lust…No man can ever do that.

After fleeing it, Paul says don’t just flee from it’s but after fleeing, keep running…but this time, run after righteous and pure things. Occupy your space with something good or else, the lust can make you think twice and retract to it.

If you are pursuing a career, purpose or positive project, occupy your full time with it so that it takes the place of the lustful temptation. If David had been on the battlefield with his soldiers where he should have been, he would not have fallen to the temptation of lusting after someone else’s wife and brought calamity on himself and his household.

Every sin a man commits is outside his body but sexual immorality is against your own body. Sexual sin leaves an indelible scar that stains you for life. God can forgive you for it but because of the scar, you may end up not forgiving yourself. It stains your conscience and makes you fight yourself within, slowing down your progress in life and positive energy. Ir also takes away a bigger chunk of your shine and glory.

The act of sex opens up your soul for entry by any spirit. It breaks down the guarded walls that protect your destiny, glory and shine. It opens your soul to the one you did it with. It is like a blood covenant that binds souls together. That is why people who have sex can never forget each other. Even if they forget their faces over years of absence, they never forget the experience.


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