The Sickle Cell Helping Hand Foundation Takes Sickle Cell Disease Awareness and Stigmatization Eradication Campaign to Schools.


The Sickle Cell Helping Hand Foundation embarked on a noble mission to educate students of Ghanaian Child School about sickle cell disease and promote the importance of ending stigmatization. This initiative aimed to raise awareness and foster a better understanding of the challenges faced by individuals living with sickle cell disease.

The school tour strategy served as an effective means to reach out to a wide audience of young minds. It involved visiting different schools across various communities and utilizing interactive sessions and engaging activities to effectively convey the message.

During the school tour, representatives from the Sickle Cell Helping Hand Foundation conducted presentations and discussions to educate students about the nature of sickle cell disease. They explained the genetic component of the disease and how it affects individuals on both a physical and emotional level. The team also shared stories of individuals living with sickle cell disease, highlighting their experiences, challenges, and triumphs.

To combat the social stigma associated with sickle cell disease, the foundation emphasized the need for empathy, empathy, and understanding. The goal was to break down stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding the disease, debunking the myths and encouraging a more inclusive and supportive environment for those affected.

In addition to informative sessions, the foundation organized various interactive activities to engage students and reinforce the key messages. These activities included role-playing exercises, where students were placed in the shoes of someone living with sickle cell disease, simulating the day-to-day challenges they might face.

The foundation provided opportunities for students to ask questions, fostering an open dialogue about the topic. This allowed students to gain a deeper understanding of sickle cell disease and dispel any lingering doubts or misconceptions they might have had.

As a result of the school tour, the Sickle Cell Helping Hand Foundation successfully educated numerous students about sickle cell disease and helped dismantle the stigma surrounding it. By spreading awareness and promoting acceptance, the foundation aimed to create a more compassionate society, wherein individuals with sickle cell disease can lead fulfilling lives without fear of judgment or discrimination.

The foundation is also calling on individuals and corporate institutions to support the vision by donating to the momo number 0552723592.


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