Unleashing the Energy of Class Xtra: Tune in to Zeal Nana Kwesi Bliss’s Dynamic Hosting on Class 93.1fm Every Saturday from 1-3pm


Class Xtra, hosted by Zeal Nana Kweku Bliss, is set to take the airwaves by storm on Class 91.3 fm. The entertainment show, which will run from 1 pm to 4 pm, promises to bring a wide variety of segments to keep listeners entertained.

With Zeal Nana Kweku Bliss at the helm, Class Xtra guarantees an engaging and vibrant experience for all listeners. Bliss, known for his energetic and captivating presence, is sure to create an unforgettable atmosphere on the show. His passion for entertainment shines through as he takes on the role of host.

Class Xtra boasts an array of segments that cater to various aspects of entertainment. Comedy sketches and humorous conversations are sure to keep listeners laughing. Up-to-date news from the entertainment world will be shared, ensuring that fans are always in the loop.

The show will also feature interviews with celebrities and industry insiders, offering a unique glimpse into their lives. Listeners can expect behind-the-scenes stories and exclusive insights that they won’t find anywhere else.

Music lovers will also find a home on Class Xtra, as Zeal Nana Kweku Bliss plays a selection of the hottest jams. From local to international hits, the show will cater to all musical tastes and genres.

In addition to the entertainment segments, Class Xtra will give listeners a chance to win exciting prizes through interactive competitions. This interactive element adds an extra layer of fun to the show and keeps the audience engaged.

With its varied and dynamic content, Class Xtra is set to become a must-listen for entertainment updates. Join Zeal Nana Kweku Bliss on Class 91.3 fm every Saturday from 1 pm to 3pm for a show filled with laughter, music, interviews, and a whole lot of entertainment.


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