New Episode on “Time with Ananse” podcast unleashes the hidden gem and significant history of 28th February Road


In the latest episode of “Time With Ananse,” Nana Kwasi Asare and Nathaniel Quaye delve into the history and significance of 28th February Road in Accra, Ghana.

The road, which is named after the incidence leading to the death of the 3 Ghanaian Ex-Soldiers (Sergeant Adjetey, Corporal Attipoe and Private Odartey Lamptey), leading to the 1948 riots, and becoming significant to Ghana’s independence from British colonial rule in 1957, holds great importance in Ghanaian history and culture.

The hosts discuss how the road has evolved over the years, from being a symbol of Ghana’s struggle for independence to a bustling hub of commerce and culture in the heart of Accra.

Nana Kwasi Asare and Nathaniel Quaye uncover the untold stories and hidden gems of 28th February Road, shedding light on its enduring legacy as a beacon of Ghanaian identity and pride.

Listeners are invited to tune in to this insightful episode of “Time With Ananse” to learn more about the rich history and cultural significance of 28th February Road.

Enjoy the our new episode below


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