UEFA announce they will co-organize the Ballon d’Or with France Football from next year


UEFA, the governing body for football in Europe, has announced that it will collaborate with France Football in organizing the prestigious Ballon d’Or award from next year onwards. The partnership aims to enhance the prestige and global recognition of the coveted individual football prize.

The Ballon d’Or, awarded annually to the best male football player in the world, has traditionally been organized solely by France Football. However, the inclusion of UEFA as a co-organizer is expected to bring additional prominence and international appeal to the award. The partnership will combine the expertise and resources of both organizations to create a more comprehensive and influential accolade.

As part of this collaboration, UEFA will contribute to the overall selection process for the Ballon d’Or. The award will now incorporate votes from national team captains and coaches, as well as journalists. This change aims to ensure a more diversified and representative voting system, capturing opinions from individuals directly involved in the game across different countries.

The decision to co-organize the Ballon d’Or reflects UEFA’s commitment to recognizing and celebrating outstanding individual achievements in football. The partnership will allow for a more inclusive selection process and give greater visibility to the award on a global scale.

The announcement has been well received by the football community, with many expressing excitement about the collaboration between UEFA and France Football. The inaugural co-organized Ballon d’Or ceremony is highly anticipated, as it is expected to bring new energy and perspectives to the prestigious award, honoring the best football player in the world.


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